Proposed Amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws

Proposed Amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws

Yesterday marked the start of communications about the new set of proposed amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws.

Please click here for more information and view this informative video about the proposed changes dig this. You can also visit the governance page on the CHS website.

Yesterday, at the first Your CHS Town Hall meeting in Peoria, CHS directors shared this information with owners, who will also receive it via email, phone calls, meetings and other communications.

During the next several months, CHS member cooperatives and producers will be discussing and considering their position on the proposed amendments. CHS directors will be actively involved in those conversations.

We anticipated that you may be interested in the process and that you may be asked to provide your individual perspective on the proposed amendments.

However, the reality is that our job as CHS employees is to provide our member cooperatives, individual producer members and producer boards with access to information, but not to recommend, advocate or lobby for one outcome or the other.

It is very important that CHS executives and employees remain neutral regarding the outcome of the process – understanding that members control governance decisions.

We know that CHS employees in certain roles (Country Operations managers and field-based employees in Energy, AG and Business Solutions) interact with member cooperatives or individual producer members on a regular basis. Through their SLT member, employees in those roles are receiving documents containing specific guidance and direction.

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