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New customer must be on scheduled delivery

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Referral customer must be a new customer / no previous deliveries for 2 years


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Tired of all the work that goes into maintaining a wood heater? Propane makes your life easy, saves money, and enhances safety. Consider the following: When it comes to considering types of water heaters, there’s no need to look any further than propane. Here are just a few reasons why propane is a better choice:
   SAFETY. From ongoing maintenance to issues with installation, the increased risk of fire with the use of pallet stoves, wood stoves, or outdoor wood furnaces is certainly worth considering.    With a propane hot water tank, you will most likely never run out of hot water again because propane can heat water twice as fast as a standard electric unit.
   CONVENIENCE. With a propane heating unit, all you need to do is touch a button or flip a switch for heat on the spot. Consider all of the time you’ve saved by not having to haul wood – not to mention cleaning out the ash afterward.    Propane water heaters also have more accurate temperature controls and offer many more options in terms of size and where you can put them in your home.
   EFFICIENCY AND AVAILABILITY. Propane stoves, fireplaces, and furnaces are more efficient than wood-burning units, and the fuel is readily available in our region.    A propane water heater costs less in maintenance and lasts longer than electric models.
     Choosing propane means you will be lowering your emissions and doing your part to save our planet. An electric water heater simply can’t claim that.

Talk to your CHS Bingham Cooperative Propane Department @ +1.208.785.2586 or contact your local sales rep (above) about the advantages of switching to propane and qualifying for a rebate for switching to a propane stove.

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