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Heavy-duty protection, on the road or in the field

We know you need high-quality lubricants that offer true protection for today’s high-tech engines and equipment. Our specialists will help you choose the right Cenex® lubricants for all your needs.

Produced by CHS, these advanced products utilize the latest technology to help enhance wear protection and extend equipment life while reducing downtime and maintenance costs. From top-notch transmission fluids formulated for the most sophisticated hydraulic systems… to advanced synthetic diesel engine oils for superior soot protection, extended oil drains and increased fuel economy…to compatible greases with a wider temperature range, we can help you find the right lubricants for every piece of equipment you operate and every challenge you face.

Cenex® products surpass industry standards where they exist, and set new standards where they don’t. You simply won’t find more heavy-duty formulations on the market today.

  · Engine oils

  · Tractor fluids

  · Transmission fluids

  · Gear oils/hydraulic oils

  · 2-cycle engine oils

  · Grease products

  · Specialty products

In fact, Cenex® lubricants are backed by agriculture’s best warranty. Get up to 10 years or 10,000 hours of coverage on new ag equipment (up to 8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment), with no deductible. Ask us about enrolling equipment in the unique Cenex® Total Protection Plan® today.

Our team is ready to assist you with bulk delivery, oil analysis and any technical questions, contact your local Certified Energy Specialist (CES) listed above.


CHS technical services and quality manager, Cenex® brand lubricants


Farmers, you know how important your machinery and equipment is to your success. Often, your equipment is just as vital as favorable weather, good soil conditions and healthy animals. When that equipment fails, it can be devastating to crops and your checkbook. That’s why, when buying new or used equipment, it’s important to have a warranty plan that you can trust.

Surely you do everything you can to maintain your equipment and ensure its longevity. By simply using Cenex® Lubricants and diesel fuels, you are qualified for the Cenex® Total Protection Plan®, a warranty program that has you covered when the unexpected happens.

With the Total Protection Plan®, CHS will pay for costs, including installation and labor, to repair or replace parts that fail during normal use, as long as you use Cenex® lubricants and fuels exclusively.

The Total Protection Plan® provides coverage for up to nine years or 9,000 hours, for exclusively using Cenex® lubricants on your machinery. By combining Cenex® lubricants and diesel fuels, you qualify for up to 10 years of 10,000 hours of coverage. That’s a great deal for simply using quality products that already work to protect your engine and transmission.

You might be wondering what makes the Total Protection Plan different from other warranty programs. Let me break down the benefits for you.

With the Total Protection Plan® you get:

• Long-lasting coverage – up to ten years or 10,000 hours for new equipment with the exclusive use of Cenex® lubricants and diesel fuels and up to eight years or 8,000 hours for used equipment

 • Coverage for a wide variety of equipment

 • No deductible

 • Minimal enrollment fees – just $299 for new equipment or $399 for used equipment gets you covered

 • Ability to transfer to purchasers if you sell your equipment

 • Helpful reminders – periodic maintenance reminders help keep your equipment in top condition

 • Insight – the LubeScan® fluid sample report provides insight into internal equipment condition

Sound good to you? Be sure to request a warranty application form from an authorized dealer or download an application ONLINE. To learn more about the Cenex® Total Protection Plan, visit WWW.CENEX.COM/TPP.

CHS Bingham Cooperative Energy Department Manager Blair Truman and Salesman Scott Kirwan, CHS CENEX® Rep Stu Wright, and Credit Manager Jeffery Nii (Ret.) present Doug Case and David Cooper with DC Farms in Blackfoot, ID a check for 22,999.03$ under the Cenex® Total Protection Plan for repair of parts and labor for their Case-IH, Magnum 315 CVT.

Photos by JD Stewart

CHS Bingham Cooperative Energy Department Manager Blair Truman and Salesman Scott Kirwan present Doug Case and David Cooper with DC Farms in Blackfoot, ID a check from the Cenex® Total Protection Plan for repair of parts and labor for their Case-IH, Magnum 315 CVT.


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