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Growing Trust

CHS Bingham Cooperative is prepared to continually help local growers meet their demanding crop needs. We know that continual improvement is essential to your farm, and we are looking for opportunities to help. The agronomists at CHS Bingham Cooperative have many tools available that can benefit your farm. As you meet with your agronomist, ask how the following options could work for you.

• Simplified Reporting- Field specific crop nutrient and chemical tracking.

• Water Meters- Moisture data captured through field data loggers measure and record field soil moisture, precipitation, and temperatures. You can monitor field conditions from your computer or tablet.

• Maximize Every Dollar- Variable rate maps and applications optimize every unit of fertilizer needed to grow the best crop possible.

• Increase Yield and Quality- Locally tested and proven corn, alfalfa, and cover crop seeds. Available Roundup Ready and conventional low lignin alfalfa can increase your feed quality.

• Service- Our trusted advisors will bring you good, up to date information with the newest technologies. Soil sampling, hay sampling, tissue sampling, and a whole lot more.

With fall fast approaching and ground opening up from harvest, your local cooperative is excited to bring new opportunities to help our growers and owners. We have expanded our alfalfa, corn, and cover crop seed lines to help our members produce the best possible crops and generate the most return from their land.

We have some great new alfalfa varieties in both conventional and Roundup Ready offerings. New alfalfa genetic bring increased yields, better quality, and improve disease resistance. We have low lignin alfalfa available in both conventional and Roundup Ready varieties. Low lignin technology is a great way to help maintain quality and widen your harvest window – giving you added tonnage and more profitability. We have conventional non- detect varieties that make sense for the export market.

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