Meet the Team


For PROPANE REFILL needs (such as, you need more), please contact our Propane On-Call @ 208.243.4427

For general emergencies, please contact our Safety Specialist, Wyatt Croft @ 208.681.1106

Jared Wolfley, Country Operations General Manager
Daryn Brasher, Country Operations Controller
Phillip Sorensen, Credit Manager
Janice Fehringer, HR Specialist
Mindy Lawes, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Denise Smith, Accounts Payable Specialist
Wyatt Croft, Safety Specialist
JD Stewart, Technology Specialist

Chris Sharp, Department Manager
Jim Grauburger, Operations Manager
David Johnson, Sales Manager (Retired!!!)
Eli John Bailey, The New Sales Manager (Congratulations Eli!!!)
Nyle Crump, Sales
Brad Clayson, Sales
Keith Fehringer, Sales
Travis Morgan, Sales
Greg Nulph, Sales
Brett Reed, Sales
Lonnie Sparks, Sales
Cody Foster, American Falls Mechanic
Hawkins Wilkes, Blackfoot Mechanic
Harlan Baker
Nick Bybee
Jeronimo Carrillo
Juan Carrillo
Linnie Claver
Shayne Dixon
Domingo Guerrero
Beth Harper
Georgia Hatt
Jose Hernandez
Dana Hudson
John Hudson
Kenny Jensen
Brianna Koompin
Dave Maniord
Gerardo Marin
Vernon Mason
Mark Nulph
Enrique Portillo
Lucas Sprague
Michael Thompson
Steve Wood

Dave McKinnon, Manager
Jodie Hackworth, Blackfoot Office
Casey Bradshaw, Burley & Rupert Sales
Riley Helms, Burley & Rupert Delivery
Chris Jensen, Blackfoot Sales
Shane Kirby, Grace Sales/Delivery
Scott Kirwan, Blackfoot Sales
Kirk Permann, American Falls Sales/Delivery
Mike Hansen, Service
Kevin Glascock, Delivery Driver
Lane Hunt, Delivery Driver
Gavy Rodriguez, Delivery Driver

Bulk Fuels & Lubricants
Blair Truman, Manager
Casey Bradshaw, Burley & Rupert Sales/Delivery
Chris Jensen, Blackfoot Sales
Scott Kirwan, Sales/Delivery
Doug Clinger, American Falls Sales/Delivery
Buck Darrah, American Falls Delivery
Dell Judy, Delivery
DeeJay Weeks, Delivery

Bingham Country Store – American Falls & Blackfoot
Kyle Dahlke, Manager

American Falls:
Michelle Seubert, Team Leader
Angie Morris, Store Clerk
Sarah Watters, Inventory Specialist

Mary Martin, Team Leader
Ginger Bullock, Store Clerk
Stacy Guerrero, Inventory Specialist


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