Recognize, respect risks associated with grain handling

grain safety
Grain powers American agriculture. During Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week, March 25 through 29, we want to remind everyone working on farms and in grain-handling facilities to respect and understand the risks associated with working with grain.

“It’s important to continue to work with the industry, our employees and our farmer-owners on the hazards in the grain industry, while stressing safe practices and controls to ensure their safety,” says Matt Surdick, manager, Country Operations Environment, Health and Safety, CHS. (more…)

It Takes Talent to Feed the World

By Nanci Lilja, President, CHS Foundation

National Ag DayWhen most people think of agriculture, they wonder how we are going to feed the growing population of 9.6 billion by 2050.  And while that’s an important question to consider, I find myself thinking more often about the individuals needed to fill the talent pipeline to feed that growing population.

With nearly 4 in 10 agriculture jobs going unfilled each year and the average-age of farmers ever increasing, it’s going to take a pragmatic, creative approach to encourage young people to pursue careers in agriculture. (more…)

CHS announces equity management decisions

At its September meeting, the CHS Board of Directors made a number of decisions regarding equity management. The following letter from CHS Board Chairman Dan Schurr outlines these decisions:

Dear Cooperative Owner,

CHS was built on the shared values of managing our business with the highest integrity, building lasting and mutually rewarding relationships, and partnering for our collective success.

These values guide every decision your CHS Board of Directors makes on your behalf. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of those owners and employees that came before us, CHS is a cooperative that’s been built for the long haul. Your Board of Directors will ensure that tradition continues. It’s with this spirit that we share recent Board decisions around equity management.

Despite solid performance in our core businesses, a few large events have resulted in substantial fiscal 2017 financial losses in certain patronage-based businesses. These events included a loss attributed to a large producer loan and business unit asset impairments in the United States.


Phosphate industry expects minor impact from Irma

<img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/07283_03_830x350.jpg” alt=”” width=”830″ height=”350″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-5987 img-responsive” style=”padding-bottom:20px;” />There was a small uptick in phosphate sales ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival in Florida, where the bulk of North American phosphate production is located. Phosphate facilities there shut down as part of their hurricane preparedness plans.

Early reports from manufacturers are that damage at the facilities appears to be limited, but full assessment will take time. Some finished product has sustained water damage but no exact estimates have been released yet.

A major manufacturer expects to be able to resume production fairly soon, but says its third quarter production volumes could be impacted by the storm disruptions. It had stopped making price offers to either domestic or international customers until late Thursday, Sept. 14. The market has reacted and prices moved up significantly late last week.

Several import vessels of phosphates are arriving in the Gulf this month, including one vessel with CHS cargo, which arrived and was unloaded in between hurricanes. Most of that product is now making its way up the river system.

Staff at CHS terminals are busy filling orders and working with accounts to get product in position before the busy harvest season gets underway across the Cornbelt. CHS is working hard to make sure producers are being kept informed of any supply changes or concerns that might arise from the recent storm damage to production facilities or transportation infrastructure.

Propane Truck Driving

Buy Your Propane Now For Next Season

During the heat of summer and the height of growing season, your propane supply might be the last thing on your mind. However, recent market indicators show propane supplies are below average, which could limit availability during high-demand periods, such as harvest. Now’s the time to assess your upcoming fuel needs.


Montana Crop and Cow Tour – A Photo Adventure

On June 22, editor of C magazine Greg Lamp hit the road on a motorcycle trip with a gang of Montana ranchers and farmers. Follow along with him as the group of wild hogs tours ranches, farms, co-ops and processing facilities in eastern Montana and western North Dakota. Photos and details of their adventures are provided in the links below. Make sure to check back for more!

Day 1: Miles City, Mont.

More than 35 riders from mostly Montana, but also Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona and Alberta, Canada, met for dinner at the Bucking Horse Saloon in Miles City to kick off the 10th annual Montana crop and cow tour. Click here to start the story.

Day 2: Hettinger N.D.
The group travels to Hettinger, N.D. and is treated to a homemade lunch, complements of the Hettinger High School music department. Next stop is Solaris Feeder for a tour of its 6,000-head feedlot. Then, it’s a ride to Medora, N.D. to watch a performance of the “rootin’-tootinest, boot-scootinest show in all the west” — the Medora Musical. Click here for more photos and story.

Day 3: Minot, N.D.
The adventure continues to Minot, N.D. for a tour at AGT Foods, a pulse crop processing facility that turns locally grown peas and lentils into flours. Along the way they make a stop along the badlands and visit a Cenex travel plaza in New Town, N.D. Click here for more photos and story.

Proposed Amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws

Proposed Amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws

Yesterday marked the start of communications about the new set of proposed amendments to the CHS Articles and Bylaws.

Please click here for more information and view this informative video about the proposed changes dig this. You can also visit the governance page on the CHS website.

Yesterday, at the first Your CHS Town Hall meeting in Peoria, CHS directors shared this information with owners, who will also receive it via email, phone calls, meetings and other communications.

During the next several months, CHS member cooperatives and producers will be discussing and considering their position on the proposed amendments. CHS directors will be actively involved in those conversations.

We anticipated that you may be interested in the process and that you may be asked to provide your individual perspective on the proposed amendments.

However, the reality is that our job as CHS employees is to provide our member cooperatives, individual producer members and producer boards with access to information, but not to recommend, advocate or lobby for one outcome or the other.

It is very important that CHS executives and employees remain neutral regarding the outcome of the process – understanding that members control governance decisions.

We know that CHS employees in certain roles (Country Operations managers and field-based employees in Energy, AG and Business Solutions) interact with member cooperatives or individual producer members on a regular basis. Through their SLT member, employees in those roles are receiving documents containing specific guidance and direction.

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