For Propane needs (like, you need more), please call the Propane Department directly @ 208.785.2586



The Propane $50 Customer Referral Bonus

Receive a $50 account credit for each new customer you refer to CHS Bingham Cooperative Inc.

New customer must be on scheduled delivery

500 gallon tank or larger

$50 account credit for current customer and new referral after they pay for their first delivery

Referral customer must be new business / no previous deliveries for 2 years



At CHS Bingham Cooperative, we are prepared to deliver you the purest quality Liquid Propane available in the Pacific Northwest. Our trucks are fully equipped to handle all of your propane needs.

And, if you need propane in the farthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest, we have the equipment for that as well.
Just call: 208.243.4GAS (208.243.4427) to order your CHS Bingham Cooperative Propane now!

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