Welcome to Sinclair!

By now, you may have already driven past one of our stores, either in American Falls or Blackfoot, Idaho and noticed the CHS Bingham Country Stores are now Sinclair Stations

Not only have we changed colors, but we now offer some of the industry’s best quality fuels provided by Sinclair Oil. Along with the BIG Green Dinosaur that adorns our fuel island canopies, we now offer the benefits of switching to Sinclair, such as…

You now can get a 5¢/gallon DISCOUNT at the pump when using your GREEN Sinclair Credit Card.

DINOCAREA Top Tier GasolineTM

DINOCARDS – including the Sinclair Green Credit Cards and the Sinclair Red Advantage Card

DINOPAY app for your smartphone


DINOCAREA Top Tier GasolineTM

Make your car last as long as Dino. Well, almost.
Sinclair gasoline has a powerful, high-quality additive called DINOCARE™ that cleans harmful deposits from your engine and fuel system, which in turn translates to better gas mileage and fewer trips to the mechanic.

Sinclair with DINOCARE™ is a registered TOP TIER™ gasoline that satisfies the requirements of today’s most advanced engines.

Reduce engine deposits
Optimize fuel economy
Reduce maintenance costs
Learn more about Top Tier Gasoline with these resources:

What is Top Tier Gasoline?

Study Shows Top Tier Gasoline Worth the Extra Price

AAA Fuel Quality Report


At CHS Bingham Cooperative’s Bingham Country Stores, you now have multiple ways to pay for your purchases in both the Convenience & Farm Stores. With Dino, you have access to:
· DINOPAY App – Download the app and activate the fuel pump you want and even pay for it right from your smartphone!
· Sinclair Green Card – Sinclair’s Credit Card
· Sinclair Advantage Card – Sinclair’s NON-Credit Card. No credit check! This card acts as a debit card linked directly to your checking or savings account.


Put Dino in your pocket

Get the free Sinclair DINOPAY™ Mobile App

· Get directions to nearby stations and save your favorites
· Find stations with amenities like car washes and air/water dispensers
· At specially equipped Sinclair locations:

· Pay at the pump or inside using your phone

· Track all your Sinclair purchases

· Securely attach your favorite bank card, including Sinclair’s Green Card


Now, you have access to the best quality fuels available from a LOCAL company with the rewards of using DINOPAY, Sinclair Green Card, and the Sinclair Advantage Card, as well as DINOREWARDS.


DINO takes you shopping at your favorite stores to save money



Shop online at thousands of stores

Earn rewards on every purchase

Shop through the portal with our partner Billaway. You’ll even get special offers and discounts!

Each purchase translates to cash back that goes straight to your Sinclair credit or gift card.

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